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As part of our “premium range” high performance shower trays, the DeltaTray Thames offers improved performance. The Thames range of shower tray formers include features such as a factory fitted gasket providing a secondary waterproofing membrane. The Thames comes with a unique grate/frame configuration that provides a secondary under tile drainage system.

Our “premium range” shower tray formers are manufactured with a specially developed hard wearing coating that creates an incredibly tough surface highly resistant to impact making the tray suitable for mosaics as small as 20mm x 20mm. Another “premium” feature of this tray is that a “tile-into” grate is available (optional extra) to give that flawless clean uninterrupted finish. DeltaGrates are compatible for use with the DeltaTray Thames, designed to enhance the final look of your wetroom floor.


Thames floor Section


DeltaTray Thames is a “premium range” shower tray former that uses a drain body which has a drainage capacity of *42lpm (tested under a 15mm head of water with a standard horizontal drain) *drainage capacity can vary in actual showering conditions depending on many live factors which could reduce the flow capacity to around 24lpm.

DeltaTray Thames requires ancillary components such as a drain body, drain fitting aid, and a PCS waterproofing kit. A comprehensive range of ancillary components and fixing materials is available to complete your wetroom project.


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Extensive range
Suitable for wood or concrete floors
Waterproof tile ready surface
Easy to install


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