Delta Board Range

High Performance Construction DeltaBoard, often referred to as tilebacker boards are manufactured from high density extruded polystyrene. The rigid insulating core is coated with a specially formulated reinforced cementitious coating that provides a hard wearing robust surface perfect for the application of tiles/plaster and synthetic render.

The foam core has excellent thermal insulation properties whilst also providing high compressive strength with very low weight. The cement coating enhances the fire resistant properties of the Deltaboard and creates a tile ready surface. The cement based coating also gives the product excellent impact resistance, ensuring that the boards stand up to the rigour of the site environment.

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DeltaBoards are produced in a wide range of thicknesses and sizes. They are used extensively within the construction industry for a wide range of applications such as insulating beneath electrical underfloor heating, as waterproof wall and floor boards for the creation of wetrooms and steamrooms, also for external or damp environments such as basements, garages and conservatories. DeltaBoards are incredibly versatile. The boards provide an effective thermal and moisture barrier as well as providing an excellent surface ready to receive a final decorative finish such as tiles/plaster or flexible render systems.

Our boards can be used to construct simple items, such as washstands, shower enclosures and tileable bath panels, or more complex structures such as steam rooms and spa structures, all without the need for supporting timber frameworks or block work.

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