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DeltaBathPanels are lightweight tileable panels used to “box in” bath tubs, ready for tiling. The panels have adjustable feet that allow the height to be altered to fit site dimensions.

DeltaBathPanels do not need a stud frame work, they are simply glued into place using Deltaseal, promoting a quick and easy installation.DeltaBathPanels can be trimmed if required to suit bath tub dimensions using a standard craft knife or hand saw.

Why use PCS tillable Delta Bath Panels?

No need for unsightly plastic or inaccessible timber panels that warp and flex.

Will fit any bath up to 2100mm in length and can be cut down to size if necessary.

Supplied with adjustable feet and screws.

Waterproof: Will prevent build up of mould.

Labour saving: Faster to install than traditional hand built frames.


Wetroom and spa environments

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