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DeltaBoard is a multi-purpose lightweight Tilebacker Board, designed for the application of all tile types, cement based screeds and synthetic renders. DeltaBoard is manufactured using high density extruded polystyrene which provides excellent insulating properties. The extruded polystyrene core has a factory applied reinforced cement coating which provides excellent impact strength, sound reduction and fire resistance making them ideal for construction.

DeltaBoard is easy to use and can be fixed using cement based flexible tile adhesive – solvent based or ready mixed adhesives MUST NOT be used. Alternatively DeltaBoard can be fixed using dowels and washers. Once fixed, Deltaboard provides a perfect surface on which to apply finishes such as tiles, synthetic renders, decorative plaster etc. DeltaBoard enhances underfloor heating systems by reducing downwards heat loss. DeltaBoard is resistant to water making them ideal for use in areas subject to prolonged or permanent water immersion.

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DeltaBoard can be used anywhere were tile is applied; on floors, walls, ceilings and even counter tops. It should be used especially in wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens where walls and floors are particularly exposed to moisture. Typically, 10mm is used on the floors and 12.5mm on the walls, but our boards range from 4mm right through to 80mm to suit any project.

DeltaBoards have various benefits and features to help everyday life, a few examples are shown on the following pages from Sound Reduction to how the high performance construction board enhances underfloor heating.




Plaster and synthetic render systems
Underfloor heating insulation
Wetroom and spa environments
Basements and loft conversions
Conservatory Ceilings


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