Raising Plinth-01

DeltaTrays used with Delta Raising Plinth provide the perfect solution for rooms with concrete floors or rooms that have restricted waste pipe routes. Installing DeltaTray combined with the special pre machined raising plinth, into which the drain body and the waste pipe can be routed, will overcome many installation restrictions. The final result is a raised showering area with stunning appeal.

DeltaTrays used in conjunction with Delta Raising Plinths are used to create stylish raised tileable shower areas in rooms where the drain assembly cannot be situated under the floor. It may be that you do not wish to excavate a concrete floor, there may be floor joists that conflict with the drain location or you simply want to create a stylish raised shower platform.


Raised Platform Wetrooms use a fully waterproofed pre-formed base (Delta Raising Plinth) available in a range of sizes to fit the DeltaTray range. The Delta Raising Plinth which fits beneath the DeltaTray is pre machined to house the drain body. The DeltaTray is fixed onto the raising plinth to conceal the drain body and waste route.

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