DeltaTray Trent With Drain

DeltaTray Trent Side Drain


As part of our high performance shower tray formers, the DeltaTray Trent offers improved performance. The Trent range offers features such as a factory fitted gasket providing a secondary waterproofing membrane. The Trent comes with a unique linear tile-into grate/frame configuration that provides a secondary under tile drainage system.

Our shower tray formers are manufactured with a specially developed hard wearing coating that creates an incredibly tough surface highly resistant to impact making the tray suitable for mosaic tiles as small as 20mm x 20mm.

Trent Floor Section

DeltaTray Trent shower tray former uses a drain body which has a drainage capacity of *36lpm (tested under a 15mm head of water with a standard horizontal drain) *drainage capacity can vary in actual showering conditions depending on many live factors which could reduce the flow capacity to around 27lpm. DeltaTray Trent is also available with a side drain to accommodate your design needs, to complete your luxurious wetroom.

DeltaTray Trent requires ancillary components such as a drain body, drain fitting aid and a PCS waterproofing kit. A comprehensive range of ancillary components and fixing materials is available to complete your wetroom project. Supplied with a universal tile-into grate finished in satin brushed stainless-steel, the grate can be fitted with the brushed stainless face, or if preferred the grate can be rotated and “tiled-into” reducing the visibility of the drain location providing a modern minimalistic look.

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Extensive Range
Suitable for Wood or Concrete floors
Waterproof Tile Ready Surface
Easy to Install
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